Surprise Box of Sweet Treats

Surprise Box of Sweet Treats

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Surprise! Wanna know what you'll get in this box? Well, we can't tell you. It's a SURPRISE. What we can tell you is this: you will receive an assortment of freshly baked goods that can include cupcakes, brownies, different kinds of cookies, cake pops, muffins...and MORE. Oh, and you'll be saving at least 25% than if you purchase the items separately. 

No requests for this one! You get what you get! Feel like living on the edge...of sweet sweet bliss? This is the surprise you've been expecting. 

We have 2 size available: 

1. Me, Myself and I - Serves 1-3 people

2. Sweet Splurge - Serves 3-6 people


3 days notice is required for this cake. 
Our cakes and cupcakes contain eggs, butter, milk, wheat, sugar and may have come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts, other nuts, soy and other allergens.

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